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Afterlife Press was founded in 2016 by Zac Scheinbaum to further explore the history of tattooing as well as highlight contemporary artists and methodology. Tattooing, much like any form of art, has undergone immense change in recent years, and Afterlife strives to honor the past while also looking to, and participating in, its future.


Books and magazines about tattooing have been cornerstones of the industry for decades. Tattoo publications were wellsprings of ideas, offering opportunities to study and dissect works that were otherwise near impossible to access. The latest magazine issues were coveted by and traded between artists who analyzed and discussed the photographs, articles and interviews that lay inside. They were platforms for exposure and communication that provided inspiration to countless artists and were essential to the growth and depth of the tattoo community as it exists today.


The world of print has undergone significant change with the advent of social media. Yet, even though it may be easier to scroll through a feed and consume vast amounts of content, there is something hollow about the act itself. While no one can disagree with the reach and scope of social media, it simply cannot replicate the power and magic that exists in printed material. It is this power and magic which inspires Afterlife Press. We strive to be the premier arthouse tattoo publishing company today by honoring publications of the past, and to once again provide artists a physical platform to share their stories and artwork.


Each Afterlife project is a manifestation of our love for the art of tattooing, and we seek to collaborate with the most creative artists, book designers, photographers and printers to create artifacts that readers and collectors can hold, cherish and return to time and time again. In-depth interviews, conversations and original pieces provide insight into tattoo culture and individual artist philosophy. Carefully curated images–often published for the first time anywhere–illustrate each artist’s process from initial sketches to final works, and high-quality photographs offer intimate glimpses into the artists’ personal lives and workspaces.


Afterlife books and magazines are intended to be resources for present and future generations of tattooers and tattoo enthusiasts. Our content does not shy away from the complex histories and social issues that are at the heart of tattooing, issues that also make it such a special artistic pursuit. The goal with each Afterlife publication is to create an object that will make the best tattoo artists working today proud to be a part of the tattoo industry, and proud to share their stories.


We look forward to setting a new standard for publications in the tattoo industry, and hold ourselves responsible to make each project better than the last. We couldn’t do this without the support of you all, so thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

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