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For two years, Afterlife Press and renowned tattoo artist Dave Regan have been collaborating on our latest publication, "Horimono: A Western Perspective".

"Horimono: A Western Perspective" is an unprecedented examination of the historical, philosophical, and cultural facets of Japanese full-body tattooing. This project seeks to highlight the deeper meanings behind horimono with the intention of educating and elevating the quality of Japanese tattooing in the West. With the assistance of several Japanese tattoo masters, "Horimono: A Western Perspective" presents content never previously translated into the English language. This endeavor has been greatly assisted by Tatsutoshi the First of the Shodai Horitoshi family, and has been peer reviewed by a number of horishi who are exceedingly supportive of its publication. 

Extensive explanations of process and technique are supplemented by original illustrations and an extensive glossary. In addition to comprehensive text, Horimono: A Western Perspective was meticulously crafted with an almost obsessive attention to detail.

  • The full-body original illustrations from Dave Regan are both striking and informative, and the carefully designed fonts, colors, textures, and formats give the book an authentic, elegant feel.

  • The traditional Japanese chūhon medium-size binding is wrapped in textured green canvas stamped with foiled lettering. The green represents the prolific pine tree symbol, which, combined with the vermillion slipcase, pays homage to the production of green and red sumi inks.

  • Deep blue-black sumi ink colors the typeface and chapter pages, and in an intentionally paired mincho style, Eiko Ishioka's Eiko font brings this pairing to life.

"Horimono: A Western Perspective" is a singularly unique book that stands apart from other publications on the subject of Japanese tattooing. Every detail, both contextually and aesthetically, has been thoughtfully curated, providing deep insight into horimono culture through a uniquely Western lens.

5.2" x 7.5"
155 Pages 
Hardcover Binding / Foil-Stamped
ISBN: 979-8-9891815-6-8

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