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Disintegration aims to combine the style and aesthetic of our Afterlife Volumes in a more frequently published journalistic package. Each issue includes in-depth interviews with today’s leading tattooers, conversations about art, tattooing and life, and original essays from tattoo historians and artists. Our goal with Disintegration is to shed light on tattooing’s histories and lineages while also showcasing artists of all ages and backgrounds. By creating printed volumes that explore these aspects of tattooing, we hope to recreate the magic of the printed tattooing magazines and books of the past–publications that are increasingly rare due to the internet and social media. These past publications created a special aura around tattooing, and this is a secret world that we hope to revive with Disintegration. We want to create a space for something brand new yet steeped in tradition. We want you to be able to hold an issue in your hands and discover why and how an artist makes the work they do. What is your favorite tattooer’s story? What drives us? These are the questions Disintegration aims to answer.

We hope Disintegration brings you the same joy when reading it as it does to us in making it!

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