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“Bruce Lee’s quote, “Be like Water,” has always resonated with me. Moving through life with a sense of fluidity is something I keep with me, along with thoughts of mortality. It’s an inevitability that I cautiously embrace and hope to have a philosophical relationship with when my time comes. I guess it’s only natural these themes have made their way into my work. I’ve been playing with the Death at Sea visual concept for years, initially seeing the water skull tattoos working with Mike Rubendall, in the art of Greg Irons, reading about cultural and philosophical ideas around death, and then, of course experiencing it through loss. I became obsessed with drawing, painting, and tattooing this concept. It’s become a never-ending source of inspiration to me. This is a collection of works based solely on these themes. I play with contemplation, fear, beauty, and humor in these pieces, and I hope the experience of Death at Sea is as enjoyable for the viewer as it is for me to create. I suppose this work is my own memento mori—a reminder to myself and the viewer that we all will die, and to use knowing that as a catalyst to live this life and be our truest self.”

—Justin Weatherholtz

Death at Sea by Justin Weatherholtz features 25 original paintings centered around the cultural and philosophical ideas around death. This book is a beautiful addition to any coffee table at 12" x 16".

12" x 16"
52 Pages 
Softcover Binding

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