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Afterlife is an independent publishing company founded by artist Zac Scheinbaum in Brooklyn, NY.


Afterlife seeks to deliver a book and experience that is missing in the tattoo world. Something to preserve and represent it in a way that isn’t being shown. With this day and age, tattooing finds itself in the mainstream spotlight. Unfortunately, we find most of what is being shown to the world to be a false representation of the industry and art. Our goal was to deliver something true to heart, and true to the hearts of the artists that we feature. Something to represent each person in a way that can make them proud to share their experiences as well. 

AFTERLIFE aims to present a massive amount of new and never before seen work from the artists we feature. Its hard in this day and age to keep everything from the internet, but we have done our best to curate and compile a huge chunk of new work from these amazing individuals. 

We aim to showcase some of the best artists in our industry, and couldn’t be happier to start off with Chris O'Donnell and Grime

Chris and Grime are two gifted, inspired artists whose  work is so full of  passion and originality. These two outstanding and amazing individuals have not only blown us away artistically for years but also have been shining examples as people, in their outlooks and approaches to life.  We couldn't be prouder of the opportunity to sit with each of them and have them graciously donate their time and work to the cause of this project. This book is a sincere thank you them both.

Afterlife looks forward to setting a new standard in quality for publications in the tattoo industry. We hold ourselves responsible to make each volume better and better! We couldn’t do it without all of you, so thank you for being a part of this journey with us!